video production

Make More Money by Telling
Your Story With Videos

Adding one or more professional videos to your website will:

  • Improve your “score” with Google and other search engines
  • Improve your website “conversions” - more business for your company
  • Help retain your existing customers by showing them your advanced web site

Video causes your company to stand out among others in your industry. It makes sense that this could cause a larger share of the market to buy from you. But ONLY if the video is very professional will it cause positive effects.

A video can grab people’s attention and hold it. Videos help get your main message really understood. And, they make you more advanced than your competition. Videos can even generate “word of mouth” about your website.

  • Profit Gate Web provides free consultations and price quotes
  • Affordable prices – from $500
  • TV-quality equipment and professional services
  • Dan Lewis personally manages all video projects.
  • Dan was Associate Producer for the local TV series “The Condo Cops”

Don’t settle for amateur videos – if you’re going to do a video – why not do it right?

Video Production Services:

  • consultation
  • creative script writing
  • music composition
  • actors
  • filming
  • editing
  • programming
  • installation on website

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