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“Business Websites 101 – Secrets Revealed”

By Dan Lewis, President of Profit Gate Web
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Avoid Website Ripoffs!

This book is not about how to build websites! It is about how to MAKE MONEY with websites. It’s also about avoiding the scams that are out there. 

It is written in plain English.   (85 small pages)

Whether you plan to hire someone, or to do it yourself, the more you know about this new technology, the more likely you are to succeed.

Business Websites 101 will help you understand how websites really work, what you need to buy, and the things you should absolutely avoid.

It reveals all of the basic information needed to set up and manage a successful business website. It comes directly from the actual experience of author Dan Lewis.

Since 1999, he has managed Profit Gate, a web development firm that has generated hundreds of millions for its clients.

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    Author’s Note:

    Published in 2010, everything in this book is still correct and relevant in 2024!

    Why Choose Us?

    At Profit Gate Web, we’ve been improving sales for our clients through expert Clearwater web design services since 1999. 

    We balance the scale of our services to ensure reliability without sacrificing the personal attention each client deserves.

    More than 30% of our new business comes from direct referrals, underscoring the trust and results we deliver.

    Unlike many other web design firms, Profit Gate Web isn’t just focused on earning profits; we’re dedicated to increasing your profits. 

    Here’s how our Clearwater web design and additional services make that happen:

    Web Design

    Our custom business website designs not only make your company look outstanding but are also optimized for user experience with separate mobile sites. We adhere to rigorous standards acquired over 25 years, ensuring your website reflects utmost professionalism.


    Stand out online with our AI-powered DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN™. This strategy outperforms traditional advertising by using artificial intellegence to target the right public, capture their attention, and rapidly respond to their communicatios.

    Video Production

    From scripting to production, Profit Gate offers comprehensive video services that enhance your public image. Our affiliation with local cable companies means your high-quality video can also be your next TV commercial.

    Hosting & Domains

    As partners with wild west domains, a subsidiary of GoDaddy, we provide trusted hosting and domain services at wholesale rates, passing the savings to you.

    Unmatched Technical Support

    Quick and accessible support is crucial. At Profit Gate Web, Clearwater’s premier web design company, you can directly contact our president, Dan Lewis, for rapid assistance. Most service requests are completed within hours.

    Stability & Reliability

    In a field where many companies are fleeting, our quarter-century of service stands as a testament to our stability and commitment to quality.

    Choosing the right web design partner in Clearwater means opting for stability, reliability, and unmatched service.

    Contact us to experience how promptly and professionally we handle your needs.

    At Profit Gate Web, we’re not just designing websites; we’re building long-term partnerships to boost your business success.

    For a free consultation and estimate, reach out to Dan Lewis at info@profitgateweb.com or call (727) 607-3300