19 Dec 2016

Web Marketing Trends for 2017

If you want to stay competitive in 2017, you may want to pay attention to these trends. I remember back in 1999, a lot of business owners considered getting a website was a waste of money – since “the Internet is just a fad“. Me, I looked at the growth statistics and knew what was coming. That’s when I started Profit Gate.

Web Designs For Mobile Devices
The use of Mobile (mostly smart phones) will continue its growth in 2017. Not only do companies need mobile-friendly websites, the sites need to cater to those on the move. That means creating web pages that are “friendly” on a very small screen. With over half of all web traffic now done on smart phones, your company needs to ensure its website is easy to read and navigate on these small screens.

Website Videos Will Become Vital
It should be a no-brainer that video will soon dominate the web. After all, we all love videos and prefer them to reading text. The new ‘battle’ for market share is not only about having videos on your website, it’s about their quality.

FaceBook is planning to add a dedicated video tab in a major redesign, aiming to become the home of videos on the internet. Meanwhile, consider Google’s strategy regarding videos:

  • Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube in November of 2006.
  • The cost of running and maintaining YouTube is $6.35 billion per year.
  • Google’s annual revenue generated from YouTube is $4 billion.
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
  • Most video shown on business websites are fed there via YouTube.

Local Search Updates
With Google’s recent Possum Update, companies looking for local sales need to review where they are being listed. If you do a search for anything, and Google displays a map of local businesses for that search, then you were most likely affected by the Possum Update. The key to good rankings for local search is found in directory listings and social media activities. Both are complex and best done by professionals.

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