15 Aug 2014

Web Marketing Breakthrough

Profit GateProfit Gate is very excited to announce some excellent news for its clients!After 14 years of  driving visitor traffic to client websites using Pay-Per-Click ads and/or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we have developed a far better solution:The Smart Digital Marketing Plan™.

This is a major breakthrough in online advertising. The results that it produces range from “excellent” to “extraordinary”. One reason for this is the fact that we are not limiting your marketing to only those actively SEARCHING for your product/service.

This new method gets both those who ARE searching for you, and those who are NOT searching, yet are within your “customer profile”. This adds an enormous potential audience to your current marketing efforts.

The Smart Digital Marketing Plan includes 2 basic steps, which produce the best return for your investment. The first step uses your competitors’ ads to analyze what they are doing, and a testing process, to see what works best. The second step uses the data from the first to create a powerful marketing strategy. This is why we call it – Smart.

Step 1: Marketing Discovery Project – this revolutionary analysis and testing process reveals exactly which web traffic sources actually produce the best results – for your company.  You will be very surprised with the data this reveals.

There are currently many different ways to advertise online. The Marketing Discovery Project tests all of them, one by one, to see which ones work for you. Only small money is used for each test of the web traffic sources; just enough to prove whether it works or not.  Obviously, the tests that produce the most sales will be the focus of all your future advertising. No more guesswork.

You have no doubt heard about Google’s regular Pay-Per-Click ads – but there are other ways to advertise that most people are not familiar with, and rarely use. Here is your opportunity to really get the jump on your competitors!

The Marketing Discovery Project Steps:

A. Competition analysis
B. Set up for live marketing tests, creating landing pages
C. Identifying target audience
D. Identifying and proving successful traffic sources
E. Optimization and monitoring
F. Meeting to present a Marketing Summary Report and propose a long-term marketing plan

Step 2: Precision Advertising Campaign
  – This uses the data from Step 1 to guide online ads that focus on just the successful web traffic sources. In other words, we use only ads that we already know will work.

Based on the outcome of the meeting at the end of Step One, clients may choose to have Profit Gate launch an ongoing marketing campaign.

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The Smart Digital Marketing Plan uses some amazing new software, and takes advantage of brand new “channels” now available for online advertising. These ads cost far less than Google’s and yet produce similar or better results.

Warning: Before using this plan, be sure you are ready for fast growth. (This Is No Bull!) In other words – make sure you have sufficient products and/or manpower, to handle at least double the current level of sales.

Profit Gate is limited in the number of clients serviced at a time, due to the advanced processes involved. (It is a lot of work, but super-profitable to you.) Since no two companies are the same, the cost of this Smart Digital Marketing Plan must be customized for each Client.

Finally, this plan is offered on an EXCLUSIVE agreement only; we can accept only one company in each specific market to avoid any conflicts. Our existing clients will be given the first right of refusal to this.

For more information, or to get started, contact us today. 727-585-3850

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