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20 Aug 2013

How to Reduce Your Spam

Here at Profit Gate’s hosting service, we have a Spam Filter called “Spam Assassin”, right on our servers. This filters over 90% of all spam before it reaches our clients (and me). Even so, there is so much of this annoying junk on the net, that even the 10% getting past our filter is sometimes too much. When I saw over 100 spam emails a day, I got mad. How mad? Mad enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you’re with me on this, and mad enough to invest a little of your time, read on. By spending 15 – 20 minutes a day for several days in a row, I managed to cut my spam down to 20 or 30 a day. What a difference! (Forget about stopping all of it – that ain’t gonna happen, sorry.) There are two types of “spam” emails – the legal and the illegal. You can greatly reduce your level of spam by attacking these systematically. But each type of spam…

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