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25 Jan 2016

Profit Gate Changes

Memo from Dan Lewis: January 25, 2016 To All Clients, Over the last year, I have taken a hard look at the overall business of website services. With costs rising and increased competition, Profit Gate was faced with two choices; a) raise our prices, or, b) lower our costs.

03 Jul 2014

New Executive Vice President

From: Dan Lewis To: All Profit Gate Clients June 13, 2014 I am proud to announce the addition of a very special new partner and team member here at Profit Gate, Eddie Olavarria. Since he joined us about a month ago, Eddie has already noticeably improved and expanded Profit Gate’s overall level of service. Eddie’s job title is “Executive VP” and his responsibilities include all sales and managing the delivery of Profit Gate services. He often calls himself a “Digital Revenue Strategist”. His philosophy in business is identical to my own; Priority One is to insure that our clients are successful through their digital marketing campaigns. Eddie is originally from New York and has lived in Clearwater for 5 years. He has over 17 years of experience building and marketing websites for clients. Eddie routinely creates multimillion dollar revenue using advanced digital marketing. He earned his Bachelor’s of Business Information Technology at Atlantic Intercontinental University. His skills include virtually all aspects of Website Development, as…

03 Jul 2014

Profit Gate Announces New CEO!

From: Dan Lewis To: All Profit Gate Clients June 9, 2014 Profit Gate Announces New CEO! As you may know, I have served as both President and CEO of Profit Gate since it was founded, 15 years ago. Recently, I have decided to focus on being Profit Gate’s President. Effective May 1, 2014 I have promoted Sandra Zayas to the position of CEO and Partner at Profit Gate. After three years of outstanding performance as its Office Manager, she has proven herself to be a very effective team leader. During her time at Profit Gate, Sandra has not only handled Reception, Accounting, and Admin duties. On top of all this, Sandra has succeeded in learning how we build websites, and manage their marketing programs. Most importantly, Sandra has consistently proven that she has the same commitment to serving clients that I have always had. Her attitude is – do whatever it takes to help our Clients make more profit. I would like to assure every…

30 Aug 2012

Tampa Web Design

by Dan Lewis If you want to hire someone to design a new website, it can be difficult to find an appropriate company without being misled. That’s why I wrote the book “Busines Websites 101: Secrets Revealed – available at When you shop for a website builder, you should know how to distinguish the amateur from the professional. This is not always an easy task, unless you have some understanding about the anatomy of a basic website. When you know the basics of website technology, it will be far easier to spot the differences between the two. Many amateurs claim to be experts; they try to sell many useless catch phrases such as search engine registrations, guaranteed rankings for useless key words, etc. These tactics are actually frauds. Armed with the information contained in my book, you may easily save hundreds or thousands of dollars by avoiding services and products that are essentially just rip-offs. One of the key factors in working with a…

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