22 Jan 2017

Profit Gate Reinventing Itself

      By Dan Lewis, President


After so many sweeping changes in web technology and internet marketing in the last decade, I’ve decided that it’s time to reinvent Profit Gate. This year, we are making a number of major improvements to our company that will enable Profit Gate to remain very competitive by providing leading-edge services.

These changes will not affect the usual prices or services for existing Profit Gate clients. Some of the changes in the new Profit Gate will be – a new corporate image, a new logo, an expanded Video Production Service, and a new website.

I have also given us a new name: Profit Gate Web, Inc.

Back in ’03, about three years after I founded Profit Gate, I knew that videos would play a key role in the internet’s evolution. I actually made our first video commercial for Profit Gate in April that year.

We took that one minute video, burned it onto CD’s, and mailed it to 100 companies in the local area. During the following quarter, Profit Gate earned $50,000 above our usual. It convinced me that video is indeed a powerful marketing tool.

In 2006, Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube and most experts thought they were crazy to pay so much. But their CEO Eric Schmidt said, “Video is the next step in the evolution of the internet.” YouTube is now worth over $40 billion and is the #2 most searched site on the web (second only to its parent – Google).

As I watched YouTube develop under the powerful influence of Google engineers, I continued learning all I could about producing videos for use on the web. By 2009, Profit Gate was building our first videos for clients.

From May to December of 2015, I worked as Associate Producer for The Condo Cops TV Series. For those eight months, I was part of a large team of specialists and I learned a great deal about the latest technology of making digital movies.

I have since developed a team of my own to produce very high quality videos. Although Profit Gate has offered video production services for the past eight years, I’m now in a position to produce videos that get amazing results.

Some things that will not change at Profit Gate are:

  • My personal dedication to your success
  • Our prompt, professional response to your needs
  • Excellent value for all our services
  • Our address, phone, and email

As always, feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.


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