17 Sep 2018

Profit Gate History: 19 Years In Business

Profit Gate was established September 17, 1999 in Dunedin, Florida – 19 years ago today.

Here’s a brief summary of it’s history:

1999 – 2000: Working out of their home, Dan Lewis and his three partners began building websites for local companies. Some of their design clients used Profit Gate’s marketing service to get top rankings in the search engines. Nearly all of those clients were quite successful with this online marketing. Back then, Yahoo was the #1 search engine and there were ten top engines competing for public searches.

2001: Profit Gate added Hosting and Domain Names to its services. This created a totally complete service, including buying a domain name, hosting it online, building the website, getting the site highly ranked in the search engines – all in one company. It grew very fast.

2004 – 2009: Profit Gate had an in house staff of 7 and was located next to the Largo Post Office. The office had about 3000 square feet, a kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and wall to wall computers. In 2006, when Google bought YouTube for $1.65 Billion, Profit Gate added Video Production to its services list.

2010 – 2016:  Dan Lewis (president) discovered that the company had to either enlarge the staff and charge far more for the work, or reduce the staff and use freelance experts instead. He began testing freelancers. As he found good ones, he replaced in house staff with freelancers. During this same time, Dan watched his three partners leave, one by one, to do other things. This left only Dan to manage everything.

2017: Profit Gate became PGW “Profit Gate Web” and replaced the last of its staff with proven teams of expert freelancers. This allowed the company to instantly adjust production capacity from the slow times to the fast times. It worked very well and client feedback has been excellent.

2018: This year, Profit Gate Web has seen steady cash flow and smoother operations than ever before. Providing powerful design and marketing to a select group of local companies, PGW continues to demonstrate its expertise in professionally managing websites.

Happy Birthday Profit Gate!


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