03 Jul 2014

New Executive Vice President

From: Dan Lewis
To: All Profit Gate Clients

June 13, 2014

I am proud to announce the addition of a very special new partner and team member here at Profit Gate, Eddie Olavarria. Since he joined us about a month ago, Eddie has already noticeably improved and expanded Profit Gate’s overall level of service.

Eddie’s job title is “Executive VP” and his responsibilities include all sales and managing the delivery of Profit Gate services. He often calls himself a “Digital Revenue Strategist”. His philosophy in business is identical to my own; Priority One is to insure that our clients are successful through their digital marketing campaigns.

Eddie is originally from New York and has lived in Clearwater for 5 years. He has over 17 years of experience building and marketing websites for clients. Eddie routinely creates multimillion dollar revenue using advanced digital marketing.

He earned his Bachelor’s of Business Information Technology at Atlantic Intercontinental University. His skills include virtually all aspects of Website Development, as well as every method of online marketing currently available. This includes several brand new ways to make more money online. You can reach him by email at;

Finally, Eddie brings to us an amazing energy and professionalism, making me very confident that you as a client will enjoy working with him. I have asked him to contact you in the near future, to insure that your company is prospering as it should.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Eddie has introduced to Profit Gate online project management software called – Basecamp. We are now using Basecamp to coordinate all our projects, including web designs, blogs, and other marketing services. If you have a design or marketing project currently being done by Profit Gate, you will receive an email asking you to “Accept an Invitation” to connect to this Basecamp system. Please accept your invitation, and you will then be able to see exactly what is going on, upload or download files, and comment or approve steps from then on. Basecamp keeps our staff and our clients in communication, step by step, throughout every project.

With Eddie handling our sales and service delivery, I will now be focusing on doing public relations, public events, and writing more books on behalf of Profit Gate. Of course, I am always available to talk with you, if you want. My cell phone is: 727-481-9575.

Dan Lewis, President
Phone #: (727)585-3850
Fax #: (727)585-3064

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