15 Apr 2016

Computer Tips: Managing Your Email Account

Although most of our clients enjoy problem-free email year after year, some experience issues occasionally. The most common issue involves how the account is managed at your end.

There is a setting found in the Outlook (and other) mail program that is used to “Leave a Copy of Messages on Server”. This is the problem. In Outlook, this is found under:

Tools/Account Settings/Change/More Settings/Advanced tab

On this Advanced Tab there is a box that one can check that tells us to leave a copy of every email on our mail server. Under that is another box to “Remove from server after __ days”. If this is not checked, then all your mail will accumilate until your mailbox is full – at which point your email system stops working.

The solution is to either a) do not check the box to “Leave a Copy of Messages on Server”, or b) if you need to keep copies of mail on server, give it an expiration date by checking the second box – “Remove from server after __ days”, and put no more than 5 days there.

This will prevent the mail from filling up your entire mailbox and causing it to freeze completely.

If you need any assistance in doing the above adjustment to your mail program, give us a call.

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