01 Jul 2013

Web site or Profit site?

Are you considering building or upgrading your website? Well, building a website is not that difficult. Creating a website that makes money – now that is difficult. Why do you suppose over 95% of all business websites fail to make a profit? Maybe there is more to this than people think.

Perhaps it’s not a website you actually want – perhaps what you really want is a profit site (a website that makes profits).

These days, there are little kids building websites every day. There are page-building “wizards”, programs like WordPress, and thousands of “web designers” in every town. Websites are now – a dime a dozen.

So how does one get a profit site? It’s not easy. (If it were easy, everyone would be rich!) A profit site is the result of a web designer and a search engine expert putting their heads together while building a website. The site must be built with both people and search engines in mind. It does have to look professional to humans, of course, but unless the search engines “favor” a site, it will fail. It must be easy for people to find using Google, Yahoo, or Bing. And, it must look sharp and professional. Finally, it must contain  sensible content and a persuasive message.

My dad convinced me years ago that, “If you’re going to do something, might as well do it right.”

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