18 Aug 2016

How Do Web Videos Affect Web Site Results?

How do web videos affect web site results?

Here’s the short answer –

One or more professional videos added to a web site can:

  • improve web site rankings in Google
  • improve the conversion of visits to sales
  • improve your company’s public image
  • give your company an edge over competitors that have no videos
  • help your company keep up with competitors that do have videos

But only if the video is done correctly will the above happen.

Like most aspects of the web, there is more to this than meets the eye. Putting a low-quality, amateur video on a site can actually work against a company. This goes for both rankings and conversions.

Factors of videos that Google considers in its rankings are;

  • load time must be quick (how fast it downloads)
  • meta tags tell Google more about the videos (duration, topic, video type, etc.)
  • public responses (number of views, likes, and comments)

Of course, the whole point of a video is to improve sales by SHOWING people your product/service, rather than describing it in text, or even with still photos.

There was a good reason Google spent $1.6 Billion to buy YouTube back in 2006. Critics thought Google paid way too much for it, but now YouTube has a billion users and takes in over $4 Billion a year! Do you think videos are popular?

According to most web experts, web videos will continue to play an increasingly critical role in online business web sites. Those without videos will likely lose ground to those with videos.

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