14 Mar 2016

Computer Tips: The Best Anti-Virus Tool is Free!

Most computers come with a free trial of one of the expensive Anti-Virus programs, such as McAfee or Norton. Once the trial expires, you are unprotected against malicious attacks via email or websites.

To protect against this danger, a computer using the Internet needs a good Anti-Virus system. For over a decade, I have used a free program called AVG. It has never failed me.

AVG – Download Here

Before you install AVG, you should uninstall any other anti-virus programs you may have on your computer. Having more than one can cause conflicts. To check what programs are on your computer, or uninstall a program, go to your main Control Panel and click on Programs.

After you are sure there are no other anti-virus programs on your computer, install AVG. After it is installed, it should automatically update itself with the latest data. It will also update itself on a daily basis. These updates are vital, as they include information AVG needs to identify and stop any NEW viruses.

Occasionally, AVG does an update that requires you to reboot the computer. By default, it is set to wait for your permission to do that. Always reboot when AVG does this, so that the new antivirus protection is activated.

There is a paid version of AVG for $59.99/year that has a few more features, but I personally have not found a need for any of them. It’s up to you, though. Free or paid, AVG is the best protection out there.


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