16 Feb 2016

Computer Tips: Cleaning = Faster

Modern computers have become a vital part of a business owner’s daily life. They are now so sophisticated that we tend to think they maintain themselves and need no servicing. Not true!

Like growing older, a computer very gradually slows down. This happens over a period of months and years. If your computer is running slowly, compared to when it was new – you may want to get a cleaner program.

Computer Cleaner – download here

The best free program I’ve found (and used for many years) is called CCleaner. When you open the program, it is ready to go. Just push the button marked “Run Cleaner” and it will dump all the garbage that all computers build up over time. This garbage will slow down your machine, eventually to a point where is takes minutes to do anything.

There are 3 versions; Free, Professional ($24.95/yr.), and Professional Plus ($39.95/yrs). I recommend the Free one. The company that makes it, Piriform Ltd., offers a “Free Trial” for the Pro version. You should be careful not to accidentally choose this when getting your first download, and also when updating afterwards. The Free Trial works for only 30 days, then stops until you pay. Once you install the Pro version trial, you will not be able to install the Free version later, until you go into your computer’s files and delete all the files relating to the Pro version (a real pain). As long as you stick with the Free version, you should have no problem using it indefinitely.

If you run this cleaner once a month, your machine should work as fast as it did on day one.

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