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26 Jul 2015

Profit Gate Lands TV Show Contract

Last April, Profit Gate, one of Clearwater’s first professional web design and digital marketing companies, was awarded a contract by Condo Cops Productions. The agreement covers designing the official Condo Cops TV Show website and digital promotion.

20 May 2015

Business Web Design Tips

Not all websites are created equal. Although some make money, the about 95% of them do not. Why do you suppose so few succeed? 

30 Apr 2015

Google Launches Mobile-Friendly Update

As we announced to our clients via email earlier this month, Google launched its latest update on April 21st. This changed the way Google ranks websites for all mobile searches (those done on tablets or smart phones) and penalizes sites that are NOT mobile-friendly.

19 Mar 2015

Is Your Website Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish?

Keeping that old website is actually costing you plenty – in lost business! That’s right, having an obsolete website will now cause a significant loss of new business. Why? Because – The Internet has changed – if you don’t keep up – you can lose customers & maybe your company.

22 Oct 2014

15th Anniversary – 1999 – 2014!

Now that we are all settled into our new Summit Building office at the ICOT Center , things are getting back to normal at Profit Gate. Yet, we have our 15th Anniversary to celebrate and our team decided to offer something special to our clients. Free “Competition Analysis” with all Design Projects! Save $250 For limited time only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. When it’s time to re-design your website, for whatever reason (looking old, needs mobile version, etc.), Profit Gate has a great solution for you. We can not only provide you with modern design but also with the Competitive Analysis that has some very eye-opening benefits for your online marketing. Therefore, we have taken this vital asset and added it to our design package for limited time only. The Competition Analysis discovers your true competitors, what key words they use, what they spend for online advertising, which key words are getting the best results, and more. Normally it is a separate service…

05 May 2014

Major Web Design Trends For 2014

It’s always good to know what the most important trends in web design will be each year. For 2014, it seems the consensus among website design pros will likely fall under the headings of responsive design, simple design and storytelling design.Responsive Designs (Mobile-Friendly). If you own a small business, this will be the most important trend for you to understand. That’s because our whole country is “going mobile” very fast! If your site does not perform well on smart phones or tablets, you will be losing more and more business as the year rolls on. This will also impact your rankings in Google, since Google measures the duration of visits to your site, and penalizes sites that have short durations. Making your website responsive is not easy. It requires a professional that knows what works best on smartphones, tablets, or desktop-size screens, and includes the elements that make for the most seamless and enjoyable format. Simple Designs. With all the over-complicated websites there are online,…

06 Mar 2014

Improving Your Google PageRank (and rankings)

PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. According to Google: PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites. PR is expressed as a single digit number, from 0 to 9, with 0 being the lowest. Google itself is a 9. To find out what your PR is now, get this PageRank Extension for Chrome browsers. For IE browsers use this Toolbar. For Firefox browsers use this Addon. WARNING! There are “black hat” methods of gaining thousands of links overnight, at minimal cost and time. Google has recently been issuing severe penalties to sites using such tactics. Beware. Be smart….

30 Dec 2013

Google Hummingbird Update

As Google turned 15 years old, it quietly replaced the ‘engine’ that runs its search functions. They call it Hummingbird – because it’s fast and precise. Although it has some new features, most of the old Google engine remains the same. It is estimated to have effected about 90% of all websites’ rankings, but only slightly. So what’s new with Hummingbird? According to Google, Hummingbird has changed the basis of how it searches. The old engine searched for “keywords”; the new one searches for “concepts”. Here’s an example – suppose you searched for “closest store to my house selling Motorola TVs”. The old engine would look for web pages having the keywords; closest, store, house, selling, Motorola, TVs. Most likely, this would give you stores all over the country that have such products. But, with Hummingbird, your search would find web pages for stores physically close to your address (assuming you give your address to Google somehow) that sell those TVs. Hummingbird looks at your…

27 Aug 2013

How Web Designers Tune Up Computers

When you are designing websites, the last thing you need is a slow computer. The programs used in building website are rather large, complex systems and can tax most any computer. Programs like Dreamweaver (the preferred webpage editor) and Photoshop (one of the most popular image editors) use a lot of system resources. Smart designers will therefore take a little time, now and then, to give their machine a tune up. One of the coolest tools to make a tune up fast and easy is called CCleaner. Although they have a Professional version for $24.95, the regular version is free! You can get yours here; and it does all these things – For your computer system; Windows – Empties Recycle Bin, removes Recent Documents, Removes unneeded temporary files and Log files. Registry Cleaner  – Advanced features removes unused and old registry entries that can slow down performance. For your browsers; Internet Explorer – Removes unneeded temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat. Firefox – Removes unneeded temporary files, history, cookies, download…

20 Aug 2013

How to Reduce Your Spam

Here at Profit Gate’s hosting service, we have a Spam Filter called “Spam Assassin”, right on our servers. This filters over 90% of all spam before it reaches our clients (and me). Even so, there is so much of this annoying junk on the net, that even the 10% getting past our filter is sometimes too much. When I saw over 100 spam emails a day, I got mad. How mad? Mad enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you’re with me on this, and mad enough to invest a little of your time, read on. By spending 15 – 20 minutes a day for several days in a row, I managed to cut my spam down to 20 or 30 a day. What a difference! (Forget about stopping all of it – that ain’t gonna happen, sorry.) There are two types of “spam” emails – the legal and the illegal. You can greatly reduce your level of spam by attacking these systematically. But each type of spam…

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