20 May 2015

Business Web Design Tips

Not all websites are created equal. Although some make money, the about 95% of them do not. Why do you suppose so few succeed? 

As one of the oldest web design companies in the Clearwater area, we have seen the evolution of web design go from crude, clumsy, mostly amateur sites, to ever more sophisticated websites that make millions a year.

We have also observed which websites made money and which ones failed; there is a pattern. Here is a brief summary of the basics you should know.

Main causes of failure for business websites:

#1: Poor Search Engine Positioning
If you design a website without regard to search engine mechanics, then the website will most likely fail to make any money. When people search the Web for your product or service, if you do not show up on the first two pages, it is probable that the vast majority of your potential customers will never see your website.

#2: Poor Design Layout
Over the years, people have come to expect a certain level of sophistication in websites. People tend to judge your company by its website. Whether you sell services, products, or some combination of these, people will study you (and your competitors) on the Internet first, and then decide from whom to buy. Your website will, more often than not, make or break your chances of getting any real share of your market.

#3: Lack of Relevant Information
I see many websites online that fail to answer even the most basic questions people usually look for when shopping online. Some sites do not tell what is offered! Some have no phone number or even give a reason as to why I should buy from their company rather than others. This is not sensible marketing! I have seen other sites where vital information becomes buried among mountains of details and it is not easy to unearth the important data. Such websites rarely make enough money to cover the cost to build them.

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To make money with your business website,
here are the main points to remember:

• If possible, hire an expert, not the low-bidder nor an amateur.

• Create two projects; one to design the site, the other to market the site and obtain top search engine positions for popular key phrases. Make sure the two are coordinated so the design is compatible with the marketing.

• When deciding on your budget for each project, remember that the public will judge you by your website. How would you like them to see you?

• The layout and design of your site should be user-friendly, as well as search engine friendly.

• The information on your site should answer all major questions a buyer will have if you sell online. If you would rather be contacted directly either by phone calls, email or form submittal, it is best to leave out the price.

• Once your website is completed, no one will know it but you and your web company because you must get it into search engines and onto page-one for popular search phrases to be noticed.

Source:  “Business Websites 101 – Secrets Revealed” by Dan L. Lewis, available at

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