22 Apr 2013

How Important Are Domain Names?

Last week, I went to do some banking online but wait – the Regions website was offline! How could this be? I tried several more times without success. What I saw instead of their website was the Network Solutions expired domain page (a sort of advertisement for Network Solutions domain service). Later that day, I read in the news that Regions had neglected to renew their domain name; See Regions’ apology on their FaceBook page. Since I work for a Clearwater web design company that also sells domains, hosting, and marketing services, I have seen this happen many times in the last 14 years. I was, however, surprised to see such a large (and otherwise very well-run) company make such a major mistake.  You see, when they let their domain expire, their website could no longer function. A website will go offline at midnight on the day of expiration. If this happens, even should you renew it the next day, it could take up…

25 Mar 2013

What Does Your Email Say About You?

If you’re managing a small business that depends on the Internet for at least some of its marketing, the way that you use your email can either help you or hurt you. Your email address itself can give people a good or a bad impression of your company. Did you know that 80% of all commercial emails are never even looked at? If you are still using Hotmail, Gmail, or similar web mail systems for your business, you are sending the wrong ‘message’. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to have an inbox at your own domain, specific to your business, that tells the world you can afford to spend $10 to register a domain plus another $5 to $10 a month to host it. There are four key components to every email: your address, the subject line, message text, and your signature. Mess up on any of them and you could look foolish and unprofessional to the world. Here’s a good article I…

13 Mar 2013

Clearwater Web Design Industry

When I Google “Clearwater Web Design” (with quotes), I see over 37,000 results! Using the quotes before and after your search phase gives you only the results that have your exact words in it. Without the quotes, Google shows not only those web pages, it adds all those with any of the words in your search query. Now you see 1,800,000 results! But even with 37,000 pages of web designers, most business people find it a daunting task to choose one company. Here’s some tips: General Rules for choosing your web professional! Beware of web companies that: • Have been in business less than two to three years. • Have extremely confusing or graphically challenged websites. • Never answer their phone when you call. • Guarantee success, suggest that they are the only source of something, or infer you will be rolling in money in 30 days. • Have open complaints at the Better Business Bureau. • Offer any type of services for dirt-cheap. •…

25 Feb 2013

Non-Technical Web Design Tips From Clearwater

As a Clearwater Florida business owner myself, I write this article with hope that the Google Gods will be kind and make it easy for my fellow local companies to find.  I’m not going to talk about HTML (web code) or other highly technical stuff. What I want to talk about is something the average business owner can actually understand – website content, (the stuff we see on websites). You know, like the words, the ideas, the photos, etc. I see websites that have tons of information on them, but are so disorganized that one cannot easily find anything in particular. And I see other sites that lack any really useful data. Either way, I’m disappointed when visiting such sites. I’m sure you have seen a few like this yourself. But when we each build a website for OUR OWN company, we must take care not to fall into the age old trap of “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. When you are too…

07 Feb 2013

How to Use Blogs to Improve Web Rankings

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about “social networking” lately as a method of improving one’s web rankings. Well, it’s true that this is the latest in strategies to move your website higher in the search engines. But is it really worth all the effort? You better believe it is. Having a well done blog can bring far more visitors to your website, and having more visitors means more sales for your company! One of the ways we network “socially” is to add a Blog (Web Log) to our website. A blog is an article which allows readers to comment on it, and this is why it is considered “social”. Which software is best for blogging? Most people agree that WordPress is the best. This is certainly the most popular blog system out there today. According to Wikipedia, “As of December 2011, version 3.0 had been downloaded over 65 million times. You should set up your blog to require your approval before reader comments are…

15 Jan 2013

Marketing Tips for Better Web Design

Ranking Reports Now Obsolete! Here’s a news flash – search engine ranking reports are now obsolete. I know it’s shocking, but true! Obviously, there is a relation between high rankings and having search engine traffic. But knowing the rankings, or not, doesn’t stop you from getting the traffic. If you think, “But I need to know my keyword rankings!” Actually, you don’t! Why? First of all, there’s now no such thing as a ranking. A ranking for a keyword that shows up #1 for you – may show up #31 for me, here in the Tampa area. Someone else outside the Tampa area might not see you at all. Search results are now very personalized by the major engines; especially Google. Your target audience is going to see listings that Google thinks they specifically want to see, based on things like geography, past search history, social media circles, etc. The point is – what you see is not what others see. This makes tracking your…

28 Dec 2012

Best Web Design Service in Tampa Bay

When it comes to finding a good web design company in the Tampa Bay area, there are hundreds of choices. How do I know which is good and which is not so good? One of the better ways to judge is by checking out who offers what, and more importantly, what do they NOT offer. Since 1999, Profit Gate has helped hundreds of companies in the Tampa area with their web design and all the related services that go with it. What really sets us apart from other web companies is our basic philosophy; to build websites that make money for our clients (rather than focusing on our own income). Well, if one builds a website but leaves out any vital facet of making that site produce results, then there will be no money made by its owner. Some companies build good sites, but leave clients to find hosting on their own. Or, they leave other aspects up to the client to resolve, like merchant…

19 Oct 2012

Web Design for Tampa Area Companies

How do we build a custom web site? The first step is known as the “architecture” of the website. It begins with gathering information from you. We get any photos or graphics (like logos) you have, and text content for the pages. This stage deals with the design concept of the site including how the navigation will work (which page will link to which page, etc.). The architecture is critical as the whole site is based on this. A Mock-up (simple image) of the home page is created and sent to you. You respond with things you wish to change. When we finalize the artwork, it then moves to the next stage. The page creation is next. Once you decide on a particular look we get busy building the pages with your content, pictures, graphics, etc. After this is done we request that you check it and give your approval. Concurrent with the pages being created if there are any e-commerce or other programming functions…

31 Aug 2012

Latest IT Trends Making Impacts Now and Into the Future

If you haven’t heard about the “cloud” you must have been living under a rock. Don’t be this guy! Check out this very information article written by Dion Hinchcliffe, “The “Big Five” IT trends of the next half decade: Mobile, social, cloud, consumerization, and big data“. Here is a snippet of Hinchsliffe’s article: “In today’s ever more technology-centric world, the stodgy IT department isn’t considered the home of innovation and business leadership. Yet that might have to change as some of the biggest advances in the history of technology make their way into the front lines of service delivery. Here’s an exploration of the top five IT trends in the next half decade, including some of the latest industry data, and what the major opportunities and challenges are.” Check out more interesting articles on the latest technology news, comments and products reviews for IT at  

30 Aug 2012

Tampa Web Design

by Dan Lewis If you want to hire someone to design a new website, it can be difficult to find an appropriate company without being misled. That’s why I wrote the book “Busines Websites 101: Secrets Revealed – available at When you shop for a website builder, you should know how to distinguish the amateur from the professional. This is not always an easy task, unless you have some understanding about the anatomy of a basic website. When you know the basics of website technology, it will be far easier to spot the differences between the two. Many amateurs claim to be experts; they try to sell many useless catch phrases such as search engine registrations, guaranteed rankings for useless key words, etc. These tactics are actually frauds. Armed with the information contained in my book, you may easily save hundreds or thousands of dollars by avoiding services and products that are essentially just rip-offs. One of the key factors in working with a…

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