20 May 2015

Business Web Design Tips

Not all websites are created equal. Although some make money, the about 95% of them do not. Why do you suppose so few succeed? 

30 Apr 2015

Google Launches Mobile-Friendly Update

As we announced to our clients via email earlier this month, Google launched its latest update on April 21st. This changed the way Google ranks websites for all mobile searches (those done on tablets or smart phones) and penalizes sites that are NOT mobile-friendly.

19 Mar 2015

Is Your Website Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish?

Keeping that old website is actually costing you plenty – in lost business! That’s right, having an obsolete website will now cause a significant loss of new business. Why? Because – The Internet has changed – if you don’t keep up – you can lose customers & maybe your company.

06 Feb 2015

Latest Google Update: Pigeon

On July 24, 2014 Google launched the Pigeon Update, the biggest change to Google’s “Local Search” since 2012. Reports are finally coming out now as to what effects this has caused. Local Search is important to companies that serve mainly local customers. Google knows when it’s appropriate for searchers to see listings that are close by. Searches for things that are not area sensitive, such as electronics or books, do not have local listings in the results page. But if you are searching for a dentist or a pizza, then Google will automatically show results that are close to you; that’s Local Search. The Pigeon Update affected only Local Search listings. So far, reports indicate that local directories are being given far more preference in the organic listings. The 7 listings that are tied to the Google Map, which are displayed on page-one of the SERP (search engine results page), were impacted by this update. Those companies that had a good presence in the local directories, like…

21 Jan 2015

Internet Marketing Trends For 2015

In a recent article at, the major Internet marketing trends for 2015 are discussed. The short version is – Internet marketing in 2015 will see large increases in the use of Social Media Mobile Ads Targeted Ads SEO Video and other Visual Content And here are the details . . . As the internet continues to change, so will technologies regarding SEO, paid advertising, organic search, content marketing, social media interactions, and more. Regardless of the industry, the use of the Internet to provide information, increase brand awareness, and drive sales is going to increase. Some of the big Internet trends that will continue to evolve in 2015 are: Social Media Having a presence on social sites like FaceBook or Google Plus improves search engine rankings and enhances a company’s visibility online. All businesses need to pay attention to social media, or be left behind in the coming years. Mobile Having responsive web design will be more important than ever. “Responsive” refers to the…

22 Dec 2014

8 Reasons to Get a Competition Analysis

There are 8 things every company should know, to prevent being overwhelmed by competitors using the web. 1. Who are your major competitors on the web – currently? If you don’t know, your business may be in danger of losing customers to competitors that are doing more effective marketing on the web. To be sure you know who your real competitors are, you need to know: “What are the top keywords people use in their searches for your products or services?” Only then can you do searches yourself and see who has the top listings, both organic and paid. 2. What key words are competitors using for their SEO? By SEO, we mean their rankings in the organic listings of search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO expert can identify the exact words (phrases) that people use in searching for your products or services. Knowing which are the most popular is vital in today’s world of business. 3. How many back-links do…

06 Nov 2014

Your Domain Name May Be In Danger

Last January, the WHOIS Accuracy Program went into effect. This requires all domain companies to verify certain data with every domain owner annually. It also requires them to suspend or delete any domain name that cannot be verified. As one of our free public services, Profit Gate assists local business owners to protect their domains. The fact is, having a domain suspended or deleted can be catastrophic for business owners since both websites and email depend on domains. Occasionally, the domain rules change. We must all pay attention to these changes, or we face the consequences. There is a system called the WHOIS which is basically a directory of all domains, who owns each, and who hosts the websites. Just so you know this is for real, the new rules regarding WHOIS verification can be seen here: And here’s a related article; Now, here’s how to insure that your domain will not be suspended or deleted: Go to the WHOIS (Wild West is…

22 Oct 2014

15th Anniversary – 1999 – 2014!

Now that we are all settled into our new Summit Building office at the ICOT Center , things are getting back to normal at Profit Gate. Yet, we have our 15th Anniversary to celebrate and our team decided to offer something special to our clients. Free “Competition Analysis” with all Design Projects! Save $250 For limited time only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. When it’s time to re-design your website, for whatever reason (looking old, needs mobile version, etc.), Profit Gate has a great solution for you. We can not only provide you with modern design but also with the Competitive Analysis that has some very eye-opening benefits for your online marketing. Therefore, we have taken this vital asset and added it to our design package for limited time only. The Competition Analysis discovers your true competitors, what key words they use, what they spend for online advertising, which key words are getting the best results, and more. Normally it is a separate service…

15 Sep 2014

Profit Gate Moves to Clearwater

After ten years in our office next to the Largo Post Office, Profit Gate has moved to the Summit Executive Center, located in the ICOT Center Business Park at 13575 58TH Street North, Ste. 249, Clearwater, FL. 33760.Our new office is not only more modern and upscale, it is located closer to Tampa and central to the entire metro area. In case you are not familiar with the ICOT Center, here are some interesting details. ICOT, which stands for Industry, Commerce, Office and Technology, is a 244 acre business park located at Ulmerton Road, just east of US Hwy 19. It opened in March of 1985 and is considered one of the most upscale neighborhoods for a business office. The Summit Executive Center houses over 150 companies in the fields of legal, medical, advertising, marketing, insurance, and others .  We feel quite at home here. Profit Gate is also celebrating its 15th Anniversary this month – 1999 – 2014! More on this in our next blog . . .

15 Aug 2014

Web Marketing Breakthrough

Profit Gate is very excited to announce some excellent news for its clients!After 14 years of  driving visitor traffic to client websites using Pay-Per-Click ads and/or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we have developed a far better solution:The Smart Digital Marketing Plan™. This is a major breakthrough in online advertising. The results that it produces range from “excellent” to “extraordinary”. One reason for this is the fact that we are not limiting your marketing to only those actively SEARCHING for your product/service. This new method gets both those who ARE searching for you, and those who are NOT searching, yet are within your “customer profile”. This adds an enormous potential audience to your current marketing efforts. The Smart Digital Marketing Plan includes 2 basic steps, which produce the best return for your investment. The first step uses your competitors’ ads to analyze what they are doing, and a testing process, to see what works best. The second step uses the data from the first to create a powerful marketing strategy. This is why we call it –…

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