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14 Mar

Computer Tips: The Best Anti-Virus Tool is Free!

Most computers come with a free trial of one of the expensive Anti-Virus programs, such as McAfee or Norton. Once the trial expires, you are unprotected against malicious attacks via email or websites. To protect against this danger, a computer using the Internet needs a good Anti-Virus system. For over a decade, I have used a free program called AVG. It has never failed me.

16 Feb

Computer Tips: Cleaning = Faster

Modern computers have become a vital part of a business owner’s daily life. They are now so sophisticated that we tend to think they maintain themselves and need no servicing. Not true!

25 Jan

Profit Gate Changes

Memo from Dan Lewis: January 25, 2016 To All Clients, Over the last year, I have taken a hard look at the overall business of website services. With costs rising and increased competition, Profit Gate was faced with two choices; a) raise our prices, or, b) lower our costs.

17 Nov

Most Searches Are Now Done On Mobile

In April of 2015, Google updated its search engine to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. They knew that mobile was growing fast. Last May, Google announced that searches done on mobile devices had exceeded those by PC’s. The trend is clear: mobile is taking over the search market. When you search on your smart phone, (which you can now do by voice command), the results are different than those you see on a PC. That’s because Google now ranks sites separately for mobile. If your site is mobile-friendly, it says so right on the SERP (search engine results page). If it is not mobile-friendly, Google pushes your site down the list, usually below page one. So how do you know if your site is mobile-friendly? That’s easy, just go to Google’s Mobile Test page. Since January 2013, all Profit Gate websites have been built in the new, “responsive” design, meaning our sites are easy to read and navigate when people visit using their mobile devices. If your site…

30 Oct

Profit Gate Client’s TV Show Airs in Tampa Bay

Last Sunday, October 25th, a new reality TV show called The Condo Cops premiered on Tampa’s CW TV Network. Profit Gate’s President, Dan Lewis, attended the Premiere Party in Palm Harbor to watch the first episode with the cast and crew. 

29 Sep

Staff Changes at Profit Gate

As they say, the only constant in our Universe is – change. And Profit Gate is no exception. Here are some changes that have occurred recently.

30 Aug

Managing Your Email Account

Although most of our clients enjoy problem-free email year after year, some experience issues occasionally. The most common issue involves how the account is managed at your end. There is a setting found in the Outlook (and other) mail program that is used to “Leave a Copy of Messages on Server“. This is the problem. In Outlook, this is found under: Tools/Account Settings/Change/More Settings/Advanced (tab) On this Advanced Tab there is a box that one can check that tells us to leave a copy of every email on our mail server. Under that is another box to “Remove from server after __ days“. If this is not checked, then all your mail will accumilate until your mailbox is full – at which point your email system stops working. The solution is to either – a) do not check the box to “Leave a Copy of Messages on Server“, or b) if you need to keep copies of mail on server, give it an expiration date…

26 Jul

Profit Gate Lands TV Show Contract

Last April, Profit Gate, one of Clearwater’s first professional web design and digital marketing companies, was awarded a contract by Condo Cops Productions. The agreement covers designing the official Condo Cops TV Show website and digital promotion.

15 Jun

Good News About Spam!

Hey, with all the bad news floating around, how about something good for a change? According to Symantec, the security company, which monitors billions of emails a month, spam is way down lately!

20 May

Business Web Design Tips

Not all websites are created equal. Although some make money, the about 95% of them do not. Why do you suppose so few succeed? 

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