Month: October 2016

14 Oct 2016

Are You Ready For a Digital Disaster?

What would your company do – if it lost all its computer files? It’s not a very pleasant thought. But it happens all the time, and for most companies without backups, its a digital disaster from which they do not recover. Fortunately, there’s a simple answer to avoid such risk of your company’s vital data. I have tested it out and found it to be reliable and inexpensive. For under $10/month, you can store up to 100 Gigs of data in a cloud system, outside of your office. And if you should need more than 100 Gigs, it’s only 10 cents per gig for more space. The company that provides this backup service has been doing it since 1994 (22 years)! There  are some things to consider when setting up your company data backup. I would be happy to discuss this with you before you commit to any backup service. Give me a call: Dan Lewis – 727-585-3850  

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