Month: August 2015

30 Aug 2015

Managing Your Email Account

Although most of our clients enjoy problem-free email year after year, some experience issues occasionally. The most common issue involves how the account is managed at your end. There is a setting found in the Outlook (and other) mail program that is used to “Leave a Copy of Messages on Server“. This is the problem. In Outlook, this is found under: Tools/Account Settings/Change/More Settings/Advanced (tab) On this Advanced Tab there is a box that one can check that tells us to leave a copy of every email on our mail server. Under that is another box to “Remove from server after __ days“. If this is not checked, then all your mail will accumilate until your mailbox is full – at which point your email system stops working. The solution is to either – a) do not check the box to “Leave a Copy of Messages on Server“, or b) if you need to keep copies of mail on server, give it an expiration date…

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