Month: February 2015

06 Feb 2015

Latest Google Update: Pigeon

On July 24, 2014 Google launched the Pigeon Update, the biggest change to Google’s “Local Search” since 2012. Reports are finally coming out now as to what effects this has caused. Local Search is important to companies that serve mainly local customers. Google knows when it’s appropriate for searchers to see listings that are close by. Searches for things that are not area sensitive, such as electronics or books, do not have local listings in the results page. But if you are searching for a dentist or a pizza, then Google will automatically show results that are close to you; that’s Local Search. The Pigeon Update affected only Local Search listings. So far, reports indicate that local directories are being given far more preference in the organic listings. The 7 listings that are tied to the Google Map, which are displayed on page-one of the SERP (search engine results page), were impacted by this update. Those companies that had a good presence in the local directories, like…

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