Month: January 2015

21 Jan 2015

Internet Marketing Trends For 2015

In a recent article at, the major Internet marketing trends for 2015 are discussed. The short version is – Internet marketing in 2015 will see large increases in the use of Social Media Mobile Ads Targeted Ads SEO Video and other Visual Content And here are the details . . . As the internet continues to change, so will technologies regarding SEO, paid advertising, organic search, content marketing, social media interactions, and more. Regardless of the industry, the use of the Internet to provide information, increase brand awareness, and drive sales is going to increase. Some of the big Internet trends that will continue to evolve in 2015 are: Social Media Having a presence on social sites like FaceBook or Google Plus improves search engine rankings and enhances a company’s visibility online. All businesses need to pay attention to social media, or be left behind in the coming years. Mobile Having responsive web design will be more important than ever. “Responsive” refers to the…

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