Month: November 2014

06 Nov 2014

Your Domain Name May Be In Danger

Last January, the WHOIS Accuracy Program went into effect. This requires all domain companies to verify certain data with every domain owner annually. It also requires them to suspend or delete any domain name that cannot be verified. As one of our free public services, Profit Gate assists local business owners to protect their domains. The fact is, having a domain suspended or deleted can be catastrophic for business owners since both websites and email depend on domains. Occasionally, the domain rules change. We must all pay attention to these changes, or we face the consequences. There is a system called the WHOIS which is basically a directory of all domains, who owns each, and who hosts the websites. Just so you know this is for real, the new rules regarding WHOIS verification can be seen here: And here’s a related article; Now, here’s how to insure that your domain will not be suspended or deleted: Go to the WHOIS (Wild West is…

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