Month: May 2014

05 May 2014

Major Web Design Trends For 2014

It’s always good to know what the most important trends in web design will be each year. For 2014, it seems the consensus among website design pros will likely fall under the headings of responsive design, simple design and storytelling design.Responsive Designs (Mobile-Friendly). If you own a small business, this will be the most important trend for you to understand. That’s because our whole country is “going mobile” very fast! If your site does not perform well on smart phones or tablets, you will be losing more and more business as the year rolls on. This will also impact your rankings in Google, since Google measures the duration of visits to your site, and penalizes sites that have short durations. Making your website responsive is not easy. It requires a professional that knows what works best on smartphones, tablets, or desktop-size screens, and includes the elements that make for the most seamless and enjoyable format. Simple Designs. With all the over-complicated websites there are online,…

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