Month: September 2013

30 Sep 2013

Google AdWords; Do They Work?

September 2013 By Dan Lewis – Bio We’ve all seen those paid ads on Google, the ones in the lightly colored top and right column of the results page. The question many have is, “Do they work?” The short answer is yes, and no… which leads us to the longer answer. The truth is, yes, they work, but only if – a) they are managed by someone who knows how to use them, and b) the budget is sufficient within your given industry. If either of these is ignored, the money spent may not be recovered in new sales. Let’s elaborate on these two factors.   Managing the Ad Campaign Like anything else, it takes some experience to get good at using Google’s AdWords. One can waste a great deal of money by making mistakes. Here’s a simple example: an amateur sets up the campaign so that when people search for the company (by name), the ad is triggered. But the company already has a #1…

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