Month: April 2013

22 Apr 2013

How Important Are Domain Names?

Last week, I went to do some banking online but wait – the Regions website was offline! How could this be? I tried several more times without success. What I saw instead of their website was the Network Solutions expired domain page (a sort of advertisement for Network Solutions domain service). Later that day, I read in the news that Regions had neglected to renew their domain name; See Regions’ apology on their FaceBook page. Since I work for a Clearwater web design company that also sells domains, hosting, and marketing services, I have seen this happen many times in the last 14 years. I was, however, surprised to see such a large (and otherwise very well-run) company make such a major mistake.  You see, when they let their domain expire, their website could no longer function. A website will go offline at midnight on the day of expiration. If this happens, even should you renew it the next day, it could take up…

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