Month: March 2013

25 Mar 2013

What Does Your Email Say About You?

If you’re managing a small business that depends on the Internet for at least some of its marketing, the way that you use your email can either help you or hurt you. Your email address itself can give people a good or a bad impression of your company. Did you know that 80% of all commercial emails are never even looked at? If you are still using Hotmail, Gmail, or similar web mail systems for your business, you are sending the wrong ‘message’. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to have an inbox at your own domain, specific to your business, that tells the world you can afford to spend $10 to register a domain plus another $5 to $10 a month to host it. There are four key components to every email: your address, the subject line, message text, and your signature. Mess up on any of them and you could look foolish and unprofessional to the world. Here’s a good article I…

13 Mar 2013

Clearwater Web Design Industry

When I Google “Clearwater Web Design” (with quotes), I see over 37,000 results! Using the quotes before and after your search phase gives you only the results that have your exact words in it. Without the quotes, Google shows not only those web pages, it adds all those with any of the words in your search query. Now you see 1,800,000 results! But even with 37,000 pages of web designers, most business people find it a daunting task to choose one company. Here’s some tips: General Rules for choosing your web professional! Beware of web companies that: • Have been in business less than two to three years. • Have extremely confusing or graphically challenged websites. • Never answer their phone when you call. • Guarantee success, suggest that they are the only source of something, or infer you will be rolling in money in 30 days. • Have open complaints at the Better Business Bureau. • Offer any type of services for dirt-cheap. •…

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