Month: February 2013

25 Feb 2013

Non-Technical Web Design Tips From Clearwater

As a Clearwater Florida business owner myself, I write this article with hope that the Google Gods will be kind and make it easy for my fellow local companies to find.  I’m not going to talk about HTML (web code) or other highly technical stuff. What I want to talk about is something the average business owner can actually understand – website content, (the stuff we see on websites). You know, like the words, the ideas, the photos, etc. I see websites that have tons of information on them, but are so disorganized that one cannot easily find anything in particular. And I see other sites that lack any really useful data. Either way, I’m disappointed when visiting such sites. I’m sure you have seen a few like this yourself. But when we each build a website for OUR OWN company, we must take care not to fall into the age old trap of “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. When you are too…

07 Feb 2013

How to Use Blogs to Improve Web Rankings

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about “social networking” lately as a method of improving one’s web rankings. Well, it’s true that this is the latest in strategies to move your website higher in the search engines. But is it really worth all the effort? You better believe it is. Having a well done blog can bring far more visitors to your website, and having more visitors means more sales for your company! One of the ways we network “socially” is to add a Blog (Web Log) to our website. A blog is an article which allows readers to comment on it, and this is why it is considered “social”. Which software is best for blogging? Most people agree that WordPress is the best. This is certainly the most popular blog system out there today. According to Wikipedia, “As of December 2011, version 3.0 had been downloaded over 65 million times. You should set up your blog to require your approval before reader comments are…

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