Month: January 2013

15 Jan 2013

Marketing Tips for Better Web Design

Ranking Reports Now Obsolete! Here’s a news flash – search engine ranking reports are now obsolete. I know it’s shocking, but true! Obviously, there is a relation between high rankings and having search engine traffic. But knowing the rankings, or not, doesn’t stop you from getting the traffic. If you think, “But I need to know my keyword rankings!” Actually, you don’t! Why? First of all, there’s now no such thing as a ranking. A ranking for a keyword that shows up #1 for you – may show up #31 for me, here in the Tampa area. Someone else outside the Tampa area might not see you at all. Search results are now very personalized by the major engines; especially Google. Your target audience is going to see listings that Google thinks they specifically want to see, based on things like geography, past search history, social media circles, etc. The point is – what you see is not what others see. This makes tracking your…

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