Month: October 2012

19 Oct 2012

Web Design for Tampa Area Companies

How do we build a custom web site? The first step is known as the “architecture” of the website. It begins with gathering information from you. We get any photos or graphics (like logos) you have, and text content for the pages. This stage deals with the design concept of the site including how the navigation will work (which page will link to which page, etc.). The architecture is critical as the whole site is based on this. A Mock-up (simple image) of the home page is created and sent to you. You respond with things you wish to change. When we finalize the artwork, it then moves to the next stage. The page creation is next. Once you decide on a particular look we get busy building the pages with your content, pictures, graphics, etc. After this is done we request that you check it and give your approval. Concurrent with the pages being created if there are any e-commerce or other programming functions…

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