22 Oct 2014

15th Anniversary – 1999 – 2014!

Now that we are all settled into our new Summit Building office at the ICOT Center , things are getting back to normal at Profit Gate. Yet, we have our 15th Anniversary to celebrate and our team decided to offer something special to our clients.

Free “Competition Analysis” with all Design Projects!

Save $250
For limited time only. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

When it’s time to re-design your website, for whatever reason (looking old, needs mobile version, etc.), Profit Gate has a great solution for you. We can not only provide you with modern design but also with the Competitive Analysis that has some very eye-opening benefits for your online marketing. Therefore, we have taken this vital asset and added it to our design package for limited time only.

The Competition Analysis discovers your true competitors, what key words they use, what they spend for online advertising, which key words are getting the best results, and more. Normally it is a separate service that we charge $250 to be completed.

Competition Analysis data in hand will allow you to modify your website content to take full advantage of the best keywords that get the best results. Doing this could easily give your site a nice boost in your most important rankings at Google and other search engines. We can help you with modifying the content and advertising through our marketing services if needed.

If you have been putting off upgrading your website, now is your opportunity. Any site built by Profit Gate, that is over two years old, was built for PC’s but not mobile devices. This alone is reason enough to get it upgraded. The world is definitely going mobile along with internet browsing. If your site shows up on today’s browsers with large, empty spaces on the page – you also need an upgrade. Sites built years back were designed for smaller screens resolutions. That’s why they now look so small on our modern, large monitors.

For more information on our Design Package with Competition Analysis – call or email us.

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